The worst part of getting ill is that I have too much time to think about the past.  I’ve done a good job not thinking about any crappy events from the past by keeping busy.  Now I’m not busy.  I haven’t been busy for four years while waiting and waiting to recover as best as I can from the damage of Cushing’s Syndrome.  As for the adrenal insufficiency, there will be no recovery from that.  I will have that forever, but I will learn to live with it.

I was adopted when I was four years old.  This is also when I developed asthma, or so I was told.  This would have been the start of what has led to all of this.  A lifetime of asthma meds and inhaled steroids that were needed – still are needed.  What went wrong was moving home in 1999 and registering with a new Doctor who decided to change my steroid inhaler to a new GSK inhaler called seretide.  The steroid this inhaler contains is called fluticasone and the Emeritus Professor in endocrinology that finally diagnosed my Cushing’s Syndrome and pituitary suppression actually named fluticasone as the cause.  A brave man to not be afraid to name the culprit.

Basically, I am ill with a fucked up body because of prescribed medicine.  What makes it even worse is finding out over the last four years how many others have become ill on fluticasone.  It has left a lot of people with adrenal insufficiency and made many people very ill indeed.  It turns out that fluticasone is a lot stronger than the previous inhaled steroids.  It lives in the cells far longer.  Basically it’s bad news.

GSK – who makes this poison – didn’t tell the truth about the trials of this drug.  They got sued for billions by the US Justice Department for lying, cheating and misleading over several of their drugs including seretide which is called advair in the USA.  They bribed Doctors in the USA to prescribe this new inhaler.  Their mission was to have every asthmatic on this inhaler.  They were found to have bribed Doctor’s with free trips to Hawaii, concert tickets etc.  Disgusting.

One of the vilest things to surface during their prosecution, was the video of their launch party for seretide/advair which was held in Las Vegas.  The Department of Justice actually played this video during the trial as it reeks of greed and of a company that is more interested in profit than whether or not a drug is suitable for a patient.  The executives enter on to the stage in sunglasses with music blaring obviously thinking they are rock stars.  The baying mob of an audience – aka GSK sales reps – are going mad with excitement as the execs spell it out to them about how much money there is to be made peddling their new poison.

I’ve had very interesting conversations with Doctor’s in the UK who have told me that there were also ‘incentives’ offered in the UK.  Of course, the authorities didn’t investigate in the UK.  Such a powerful British company with the CEO pally with Cameron at the time.  One of the Doctor’s I spoke to had written an article on how dangerous fluticasone is but was silenced by his Union.  They couldn’t afford any legal battles that GSK might launch.

Before fluticasone was invented the mainstay of inhaled steroid was beclomethasone.  In a thirty year period world wide there were only two recorded cases of adrenal insufficiency from this inhaled steroid.  Since fluticasone was launched in 1999, there are now thousands world wide.  The number will grow as this poison is now in allergy nasal sprays.  Good grief.  Now people will be spraying it up their noses directly into their bloodstreams.  Doctor’s believed for many years that inhaled steroids only went to your lungs.  Well it does not.  It goes into your bloodstream too.  I’m not anti inhaled steroid.  I need it to survive, but there are safer alternatives out there and no need to try to put everyone on a drug that is just too potent.

The internet is filling up with more and more stories about fluticasone.  How many more will end up like me.  I now have my natural production of life sustaining cortisol suppressed by the fluticasone shutting off my pituitary.  Now, ironically, I have to take steroid tablets daily to stay alive.  Too much steroid shuts down your natural output and then you end up with none.  How messed up is that.

Living with AI is a roller-coaster.  It has tried to kill me quite a few times, but hey ho let’s have a look at good ole GSK whooping it up in Vegas.